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Rookie FIRST® Robotics Team 7525

Team 7525 will design, program, and build in six weeks from the first Saturday in January to compete in the FIRST® Robotics Competition.

Through the FIRST® Robotics Competition, the mission of Team 7525 is to unify people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives so that they can complete a complex project, have fun, and become inspired to be the leaders of tomorrow. We wish to create a safe and competitive environment where our team members will be able to learn lifelong skills in programming, designing, building, and consulting that will serve them in whatever career they choose to pursue. Teamwork, professionalism, and gratitude on and off the field are the essential qualities that we strive to demonstrate on a daily basis. To do this, we act as teammates who cooperate together, as professionals who help others in need, as critics who accept and evaluate feedback, and as problem solvers who utilize our collective skills to overcome any adversity.

What is FIRST® Robotics?

FIRST® was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen to inspire young people to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM. Each year, FIRST® Robotics teams, along with the guidance of adult mentors, have six weeks from the first Saturday in January to design, build, and program a robot that is capable of playing a sports-based game. Additionally, aside from its STEM components, students are expected to develop service projects, locate community stakeholders, create a well-defined business plan, market the team, and develop a sustainable program.

Quote of the day: “Let us remember that the automatic machine is the precise economic equivalent of slave labor. Any labor which competes with slave labor must accept the economic consequences of slave labor.” ― Norbert Weiner, Cybernetics